Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Christmas in July!

Hey friends....I'm back! I swear, I want to do better.....it's just so hard to find time. Ugh. Life gets in the way...and it becomes a choice. Do I get some sleep or blog? ha Typically, I choose the later. Anyways, I am joining in on the fun and hosting a Christmas in July sale, along with others from Blog Hoppin'. If ya'll haven't visited our blog in a while - you must. It's had a face lift and looks amazing! Here's a little sneak peek of what I'll be marking down over the next few days. Every day, a different product will be 20% off. Now is a great time to stock up on those Back to School items! 

It's a gift to bring some Summer CHEER, 
with goodies this perfect this time of year...
Because we love you is the reason why, 
just think of it as Christmas in July! 

Today, my Zebra Bright and Zebra Primary Classroom Decor is marked down. Tomorrow, my Gingerbread Man pack is on sale. You can read more about how I use that unit in my classroom, {here}. And then on Thursday, my Classroom Book Units will be 20% off. Keep checking back for more discounts each day and be sure to check out all the other fabulous sales going on. Happy Shopping!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oh Snap!! It's here!!!!

Hey friends! You sooo want to head over to Blog Hoppin' today! I am so excited.

My friends and I have something awesome to share and we don't want you to miss out!  

Head on over to find out what we have planned!!!  

The prize package is insane. Did I mention there's a Canon Rebel T3i up for grabs?!?!?! What?!?! Can I enter? ha ha I thought that would get your attention :)

Now, GO....and join in on the fun. You'll be glad you did. 
Happy Saturday!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Made It: A unit on Tennessee Symbols

Whoo hoo! It's not officially summer in my world, until Monday Made It starts! I love linking up and seeing all of the wonderful things people have made. It gets me so inspired to do DIYs and make things I've pinned off pinterest. ha One of the things on my summer "to do" list (that is never ending) was to put together a Tennessee Unit. I searched high and low and found NOTHING that fit the bill for what I was wanting. Especially, since we have adopted new Social Studies standards for the 2014-2015 school year. It also helped that I had a little nudge from a fellow teaching buddy to create something we could use. 
Here is what I came up with! A little state symbol informational booklet. This unit is differentiated and includes 4 different versions for you AND your students. Because, well, to be honest....at times I don't feel like cutting ALL of that stuff out and some of my kiddos have a hard enough time cutting a straight line AS IS. So - never fear - I have included a craft version (as shown), a coloring version where students will just color in blackline clip art, a drawing version for them to illustrate and label their symbols, and a writing version for higher level students who are able to recall facts and write about what they learned. #winning ha ha Makes me excited typing it. 
This unit is ready to go and includes everything you need to educate your students on the great state of Tennessee and it's symbols. It's discounted HALF PRICE through this week only. Hop on over to my TpT store and pick ya up a copy if you live in the volunteer state. For fun - - I'll give away a free copy to the first person to tell me who our governor is. Until then....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Writer's Workshop: Informational Reports

Each nine weeks, our district requires a piece of writing to be completed as an assessment and placed in our students' permanent record. The first 9 weeks was a self portrait with name and date, the second 9 weeks was a journal entry (small moment), the third 9 weeks was a book review, and this nine weeks we are working on informational reports. I just began teaching this skill within the past week and students have helped me write a report based on a book we read together. 
My kinders expressed an interest in ocean animals and specifically sharks...so this is the book we went with. I talked to students about writing informational reports and the steps to take. We referenced this anchor chart, which can be found in my mini unit on TpT
After we discussed the steps, I began a whole group writing and modeled each step - - from the illustrations and coloring....all the way to stretching out of sounds and recalling facts. Here is what we came up with and what my students wrote when they were turned loose. 
For those of you who don't speak Kindergarten...my example says:
Topic Sentence: There are many kinds of sharks.
Fact 1: They have sharp teeth. 
Fact 2: If they stop swimming, they will sink.
Fact 3: Some are flat and some are round.

My little buddy (whose writing I am sharing with you) says:
Sharks are not mammals.
Sharks have sharp teeth.
Sharks have gills.
There are many kinds of sharks. <--this was his topic sentence and we discussed putting it at the beginning of his writing during our conference time :) 

I'm very pleased with what I've gotten so far from my students, although we've got more work to do. I have several friends who rush through their work and think they are done, so I cracked out this anchor chart.
When I'm done, I can...add to my picture, label my pictures, write more words, reread my writing, start a new piece. This has helped tremendously in knowing that a writer's job is never done! ;-) If you're interested in doing something like this with your students. All of this, and MORE, can be found in this unit {here}. 
Leave a note about what you're working on in Writer's Workshop and an email and I'll pick two winners to receive this pack for FREE. Happy hump day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mail Center

Hey friends! I know it has been such a long time. I can explain, trust me! I've moved, bought a condo, paid off my car, joined a gym, lost my mind, and a partridge in a pear tree. ha Anyways, I have a wonderful practicum teacher from the University in my town (who is helping me stay afloat in my classroom) and she was asked to re vamp one of my centers for her class. She chose to re do my writing center and change it into a mail center. My students are LOVING it...as am I. She is so creative. Here is the documentation panel she was asked to put together and share with her peers. I wanted to share it with ya'll. 
Be sure to leave her some love. She has done such a great job. I'll be back tomorrow! I've already got the post scheduled. Whoop whoop!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Learning about MLK

Hey ya'll. I'm enjoying the snow cold day and just looking ahead. I wanted to post some of my MLK stuff. Here is a sample of some TLC Art my students make. If you aren't familiar with her stuff, check it out {here}. It's such a great activity for teaching directions and fine motor skills. I especially love how all of the students' art work looks so similar, but yet...so different! 
My students fill out a was/had/wanted chart and learn all about MLK through non fiction texts. 
We also add a MLK poem to our poetry journal. I just love these illustrations. Kindergarten drawings are my fave!!
You can find most of these items in this unit {here}.
And just because I love ya'll....and my kiddies have been working a lot lately on multi flow maps, here's another freebie for ya! 
Just click on the image to grab it from Google Docs. I hope you enjoy! I'm out again tomorrow for COLD. Whoop Whoop. What do you do to celebrate MLK Day? Please share!

Monday, January 6, 2014

What I'm teaching this month...a look at past posts!

Hey ya'll. We had a snow day today and boy have I loved every minute of it. I may or may not have JUST gotten out of my pajamas (and showered)! ;-) Oopsie. Not to mention, I just got a text saying we are out again tomorrow due to extreme cold. Whoop whoop. I am thanking Jesus right now (and Mother Nature) because this gives me another day to devote to planning. I was just reflecting over some past posts and wanted to share. Here are some things we will be doing during the month of January. Be sure to click the links and visit my "oldies but goodies." Hopefully, you can snag a few ideas...or two!
Read last year's Hibernation post {here}. And check out my Hibernation Station unit on TpT {here}.
You can read more about this unit and what all my students do for Snowmen/Winter {here}.
You can read about this {here}. And make sure you grab my MLK freebie unit {here}. This little unit has had over 45,000 downloads! What?!?! 
Read my 100th day posts {here} and {here}.
This is absolutely one of my favorite units to teach. Can't wait! Check out our penguin posts {here} and {here}.

What do you teach in January? Please share. I hope everyone is staying warm tonight. With the windchill factor, it's -15 outside. Brrrrrr bears!