Monday, September 12, 2011

Writer's Workshop & a handout!

I've started easing my students into Writer's Workshop by having them respond to writing prompts through illustrations. Today, I took them a step farther and discussed labels.  Students helped me fill out this chart (pinterest inspired):
From there, students learned the 5 things you need to become a good writer. A brain to think of good stories with, a smile to write happily, hands to journal, and a pencil and paper to record. Students labeled the items they needed on this handout. 
Click the image for your free download. Enjoy and happy labeling!


Melissa said...

I love your chart!! We are doing labels lessons this week too. I need you to come make cute charts for me=)
F is For First Grade

LEA said...

i loooove the labeling chart!! thanks for the inspiration!!

Erin Eberhart said...

Thanks! If you knew how many times I messed up prior to that and how long it took me to get it jusssssst right - you'd forget asking me to make charts for you! LOL Good luck with your labels...hope you post it!

Sara Gladwell said...

Thank you so much! Love this chart! :)

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