Friday, March 2, 2012

Fame, Stardom, and a freebie unit!

Hey friends!  What a great and BUSY week! I am currently glued to the TV, taking in all the weather updates on the news. School dismissed early due to severe weather and tornadoes. That's right...crazy winds, tennis ball sized hail, and some funky lightening. I'm currently freaking out! We are NOT supposed to have stuff like this in TN, we are surrounded by mountains which I thought protected us. Guess not. Yikes. Nonetheless, I am home and gearing up to crawl in the tub...with a helmet! ha For real. Pictures to come.

Anways...I wanted to thank everyone for their encouraging responses the other day regarding my Donor's Choose post. Surprisingly....yesterday, I got an email saying the entire project had been FUNDED! Whoo hoo, God answered my prayers and I am beyond thankful for his continued faithfulness. The sweet couple who funded my project said they wanted to give back a portion of what God had given them. So nice, thank you! I truly have no words.....
Now to write up another project. Ideas?!

Back to the week. I was contacted by Central Office to open up my classroom to our local news station. One of the news anchors is doing a segment entitled "Melissa for Hire" where she goes into area businesses and tries to do the job. Her latest installment...becoming a kindergarten teacher and during Dr. Seuss week no less! Here is a sneak peak of students were beyond thrilled. And the news anchor??  I think her words were "terrified!" ha
Afterwards, I was interviewed as well as one of my students. She was so sweet while they were suiting her up with the microphone. 
Clearly though, the fame and stardom has gone to her head. This is a picture of an autograph she gave our gym teacher today. ha ha Hilarious! She literally just wrote her first and last initial and then scribbled after it. I'd say...she's got the signature DOWN!
You can view the video by clicking the Dr. Seuss cupcake below.
Here are a few fun pictures from our week. Thanks to our great readers from the local high school Beta Club. My kinders loved their fun hats and candy treats.
We also made anchor charts, read books, did workstations, and all sorts of other fun activities. Hopefully, I'll post some more pics soon!
Anyways...time to batton down the hatches. Grab this little freebie (hopefully it's not too late) and leave me some love. The clip art is from the fabulous Nikki at Melonheadz. I emailed her asking for a few specific Dr. Seuss items and voila...they appeared in my inbox! She is amazing! And to beat all, she posted them on her blog and named the bundle after ME! What?! First the news and now clipart in my name?! I may start offering autographs, too! ;-) ha ha I'm off to take shelter in the tub. Hugs! 


Holly said...

Oh my goodness -that news story was the cutest. I love our accents!!!!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Andrea Brown - Cheers To School said...

Miss E., your blog and pictures are adorable! That's so exciting that you had any fun visitors in your classroom this week. I love that news story, I bet you had a kick watching the news anchor do your job! haha BTW, I'm your newest follower! Looking forward to new posts. :)

Cheers to School

vicky1970 said...

Oh my goodness - I love that story. The news anchor was probably horrifed. It's funny how people say they don't know how we do it. LOL very cute though. Glad you had a great day. I just got done posting pictures too from today.
I especially love how you honored God in your post about Donor's Choose -- God is so good that's for sure.
Have a blessed weekend.
Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

Miss Kindergarten said...

I love it!!! It was so fun to see your class in action!! The "snake" boy was stinkin' adorable!!! Thanks for sharing that with us :)


Sarah said...

Looks like your kiddos had a great time! I tried to download your mini-unit and it says I don't have permission to access it. :(

Jill said...

The news story was so cute!! I love your accents too. :)

Marvelous Multiagers!

Camille said...

Hurrah on getting your Donors Choose project funded! I am so glad you posted your worries about it because now we can all share in your joy! Wow! Praise God!
An Open Door

Mrs. Bee said...

Wow! I love when there are stories shared of God's immediate provision when we need it! How cool is that?? And you sure had a busy week! The news story sounds so fun!!

Erika said...

Loved the video!

2B Honey Bunch
The Best Endings

Shelia said...

I would love to get your mini-unit, but it says I don't have permission. Is there anyway I can still get it? What do I need to do? Thanks!

Erin Eberhart said...

I fixed it friends, so sorry!!! Try again :)

Unknown said...

Ok this is going to be a lengthy comment.
Love love the news story.It's fun to see other people try to do our jobs. Especially when they see how hard it is.
We didn't get out of school for bad weather but we were on tornado lockdown for a couple of hours. Our principal kept saying the word tornado over and over on the intercom which made for some crazy kindergartners. (I'm just a little south of you in East Tennessee in Gatlinburg.) We aren't suppose to get tornadoes here.
Thanks for sharing that mini unit. It's great. I'm going to continue the Dr. Seuss fun next week. The kids have been so engaged so I'm going to go with it.
Congratulations on your Donors Choose project being funded. God is so good.

Megan Horman said...

Thanks for the great miniunit. We are doing Dr. Seuss this week due to conferences last week so it's perfect.

Tanya said...

Oh, that was so cute! I think she might have gone back to the newsroom and put her feet up after her visit! You were so sweet to her though. Loved it!
☺ Tanya
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Unknown said...

I just gave you an award! Come to my blog to check it out.

Kinder Kraziness

Tanya said...

I love your blog! I am awarding you the Lovely Blog Award!
☺ Tanya
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

It looks like you have a sweet bunch of Kinders there, Erin! They're all stars! I am so happy that your donor wish was filled! Congrats! Hope that you had a happy weekend! :D

Giggles and Squeals said...

I just left you an award... come check it out! Yay!

Jess said...

Wow! Everything for Dr. Seuss looks amazing! I just nominated you for the lovely blog award! Check it out!
Rambling About Reading

Unknown said...

Hooray for getting your project funded! Can you please share the many ideas you received for getting projects funded? It would be a GREAT resource for some of us who are still thwarted by budget cuts and no donors. MANY THANKS!!! You are amazing!

Gwyn said...

Erin thanks for sharing. I love Nikki's clipart too. I haven't bought any Seuss from her but have bought 4 other sets. I will be buying the set you used loved it. This is my blog if you want to check it out.
I have bought Clifford, Hungry Caterpiller, Froggy and 1 more. Take care, thanks again for sharing. Gwyn

Unknown said...

Love this mini unit! Thank you so much! :)

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

librarycharm said...

Thank you so much for this lovely unit -much appreciated!