Saturday, April 28, 2012

College begins with Kindergarten!

Hey ya'll!  We're gearing up for Kindergarten graduation at our school.  May 17th to be exact. This will be the first year we've done anything like this. Normally, we just have a little presentation and students read a poem or perform a cute song for parents, we invite them to our room for snacks, and call it a day.  But this year, we're going ALL out. Diplomas and all. Needless to say, I'm scouring the internet for ideas and wondering what to do.  Here are some of my favorite pinterest finds. 
Love the paper plate faces. I'm debating on making this....
Or this? Sooooo cute.  
I got crafty and put together these letters with my Cricut. I'm gonna hang them from my clothesline in my room and then hang the kinders' pictures around it! It's going to be my focal point for the little open house we plan on having after the ceremony. 
I may even make these yummy things, too. We'll see?? Look out Martha. 
Yup, we are definitely learning First Grade! First Grade! and singing it. It makes my heart smile. What other songs would you recommend?
Here is a fun little keepsake I plan on doing for parents. Just click on the picture to grab it from google docs! I'll fill out the top part (name, age, grade, teacher) and let my students fill out the rest.  Then, I'll paint their hand and do a little hand print on the right side, mount on fun scrapbook paper, and laminate.  These will be laying at their desks along with a few other items for parents to take home after the graduation ceremony. I'm sure they'll love them! Do you all have any other ideas? This is a first for us at the Springs so I could use some help! Happy Saturday!


Unknown said...

So cute!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Tangelia C. said...

Thanks for all of these cute ideas! I will be incorporating many of these into our graduation!

I'm your newest follower!!

Vickie said...

I would love to do a kindergarten graduation...they always look like so much fun! However, what do you do about those sweet babies that are being retained? I've never known how to handle it, so that's why I've never done a graduation. Any ideas?
Mrs. Plant's Press

Laurie said...

I feel the same way about those babies being retained! Any ideas? We are doing a kindergarten performance this year and we are singing a SUPER cute did it with Sesame Street called Stronger. Take a look at it. I have a feeling there will be many crying parents the night of the performance.
I will also be giving out awards to each child in my class (Great participation, Kind Friend, Helping Hands, etc). Just some of my ideas!

Erin Eberhart said...

The diplomas are actually a certificate of completion/or participation....not really a diploma. So everyone gets one although I have a few not going on. Technically they did complete the year, they just don't get to move on. :( But that's why we've never done one either....and I do have a handful being retained. I'm just gonna make that clear to parents that even though their child gets to participate and gets a certificate, they're not moving to 1st. What do you think?

Busy Bees said...

I made that art project last year and they turned out adorable. We give out diplomas, too and sometimes it does confuse parents and the kids, but they are fine with the kiddo getting to participate and getting a certificate!

Mrs. Anderson said...

Looks like you've found a lot of great ideas. I love the song and think that would be a big hit with the parents. The cupcakes are super cute!!
Connie :)

dmarie1014 said...

Have you heard the song by Stuart Stotts and Tom Pease, "Movin' On to First Grade?" It's awesome - Stuart was just at our school and the kids loved it.

Erv said...

Hi!! We've had a "Graduation" ceremony for years and it is always the most packed event of the year. The kids wear actual caps, gowns and tassels and march into the gym as the Graduation song is playing and sit in chairs by class at the front of the gym. They line up class by class and proceed to the stage. Our Asst. Princ. reads "Billy wants to be a _____ when he grows up because _____. (These are often funny!) The child goes and shakes the Principal's hand and proceeds across the stage for a hug from teacher then back to his seat. We also take cap and gown pics and have them scrolling/projected on the wall while parents are waiting. We give each child the picture to take home. Like others said, all participate whether being retained or not...they just get a different certificate. Whatever you do, the parents will love it!!!

Stacy said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I love the ideas you've found. I have been a long time stalker but now am FINALLY following your blog.


Miss Trayers said...

Thank you for sharing all those great ideas! We kind of have a tradition of a grade level song and then a powerpoint before we hand out our awards. I kind of wish we could spice it up a bit; but that's one great thing about teaching young kids-anytime parents get a photo op--they are happy with it! :)


Miss H said...

First Grade First Grade is such an adorable song to sing at a kinder graduation. I have my class perform this song at our graduation. The movements to the song make it so adorable. Love your ideas!