Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Cat's outta the BAG!!

Shew ya'll! The cat is outta the bag. I don't have to keep my secret anymore. In case you haven't figured out what is going's a Facebook freebie hop. Over 40 of my Kinderland friends are participating. All you have to do in order to participate is go to my Facebook Fan page and find the button at the top of my page that looks like this: 
Click on that tab. And if you like my page, you will see a tab that looks like this:
Just click on the left side of the image to grab your freebie from ME, then click on the lower right hand corner to hop to your next fan page. Look for the "Freebies on the Fourth" tab again and go through the same process!! Just keep clicking and grabbing. You can grab over 40 freebies total!! Are you ready to hop? Just click this image below and you can get started! What are you waiting for.....RUN! Happy 4th of July!


Miss Mullett Rocks! said...

Hey Erin!! Great name!! ;) I have heard so much about you from Katie over at Little Warriors! I heard you are coming into St. Louis for the Kindergarten conference with Deanna Jump!! I am SUPER excited!!! Can't wait to meet you!!

I love your blog! Super cute :)

Firsties Rockin the Mullett