Sunday, August 30, 2015

Teacher Week 2015

Hey friends! Lord have's been a while! I am so sorry. I really, really want to get better about blogging and have it become a part of my daily weekly routine. But, I just can't manage to fit it all in. A lot has happened since I've blogged last, but I'm going to save ALL of that for later! :) For years, I have loved linking up with Blog Hoppin' during Teacher Week and it's that time again! So excited!! Here is what we have planned...
This year, we are making it easier to participate. We've chosen fun topics for each day and given you different ways to connect with us. Here is what you can do...

1. Classroom Blog: Write a blog post and link up at Blog Hoppin,'

2. Instagram: Don't have time to write a blog post? Just share a picture on instagram and tag Blog Hoppin'. Make sure you use the hashtag #teacherweek15.

3. Periscope: Are you on it? Such an easy way to share pics of your classroom or some fun facts about yourself! Let your followers know that you'll be participating so we can watch. 

4. Facebook: Maybe you don't have a blog, but have some great things to share! Make sure you head over to Blog Hoppin's facebook page, on the day you share, and leave a comment.

There you have it! Four easy ways to participate. Connect with us, celebrate with us, and let us get to know you. We are super anxious for Teacher Week and I'm looking forward to learning more about you all. Happy Teaching!