Tuesday, February 15, 2011

President's Day!

We started discussing presidents this week because President's Day is Monday...although we've lost our day off due to excessive snow.  I began our theme by asking who our president is now, where he lives, and what his job entails.  We read the story My Teacher for President and talked about all the "roles" the President has to play.  Surprisingly, many of my students thought I should run for President!  ;-) ha 
To introduce our first President, students watched a Brain Pop on George Washington.  We LOVE Moby and Annie!  (I sooooo wish I had a smart board!!)
We reviewed what we learned by filling out a was/has/wanted chart on Mr. Washington.  I was pretty impressed with the responses, although one student referred to Mr. President's home as "Mountain Vern" I still knew what she meant! ha ha ;-)
Afterwards, we did an "All About Mr. Washington" page.  My students wrote down 3 facts using our was/has/wanted charted we filled out whole group.
Next, we illustrated our 1st President using construction paper, cotton balls, a paper doily, and googly eyes.  These are one of my favorites to do each year.  Although we do them together, step by step, they all have their own unique personalities!

We'll learn about Abraham Lincoln Wednesday and Thursday and wrap up our President unit on Friday by studying our country's flag and it's history.  I hope to add more photos soon.  Perhaps I'll get around to making this bulletin board???  Here is a photo from last year.
~Miss E


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I loved the ideas in the post! Thanks for sharing.