Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nursing home escapees and a freebie!

Boy is this Granny exhausted! We've had a blast celebrating the 100th day of school and I just had to share what my kinders enjoyed. First off...Ohmiword - can I show you this photo!? Adorable! I had a whole slew of elderly that left the nursing home today to share in 100th day festivities (wink, wink)! Loving the baby powder touch (for added gray) and the curlers - such detail. 
We started off the morning making 100th day crowns (purchased in Target's $1 section), putting together cereal necklaces with 100 Fruit Loops, AND making 100 tally marks. At this point, Granny was pooped...but we were just getting started. Onward with more excitement.
Next, I divided students up into 2 groups and they glued 100 toppings onto a large pizza and 100 gumballs onto a large gumball machine. I found this idea on Julie Lee's blog and pinned it just for today. My students LOVED this activity and enjoyed seeing what 100 looked like. Here is a photo of us in action. A big thanks to my student teacher for manning the gumball group!
Here are our finished products! So fun :)

This afternoon, we made a 100th day Trail Mix. Hello extra pounds...I ate and ate and ate. Good quality control I guess....I had to sample and make sure all food was safe! ;-) Students used the same place mat from their Fruit Loop necklace and sorted 10 foods with 10 items each. Download your own 100th day placemat and "bag tags" {here}.
We also made ourselves at 100 years old. This idea was inspired by DeAnna Jump the great! Crack me up!
I'm off to remove the wig and orthopedics! I've got some more stuff to share, but I'll save it for tomorrow. Time to bed that is. Night folks! 


Jill said...

Love!! We just had our 100th day today but I am totally saving your counting mats for next year! Super cute!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Fran Kramer said...

These pictures are fabulous. You are so cute as a granny. However some of us really are old! I can come as myself on the 100th day.(LOL) I wish I had been in your room today.

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

What a great day! We are celebrating the 100th day of school on Friday and I got so many great ideas from you! So cute!
Stories From Second

Unknown said...

Those are the cutest little old people ever! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Kristin said...

Hilarious picture!!! The kids are way too cute!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
Super fun activiites - the gumballs and pizza are new to me!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Sue said...

I love the counting mats idea....I will be doing that! Thanks! The kids look so cute dressed up! I think my parents would kill me if I had them dress up for one more thing!

the very busy kindergarten :)

Rachael said...

:) Ha ha ha!

I work at a retirement home, and I love your pics! The kids look so cute. I love teaching sites, because we can use the ideas and adapt them for the "Grandfriends"!

I showed some of them the picture of you guys all decked out and you can tell the kids that the "Grandfriends" loved it! :) Keep up the great work!

Rachael said...

PS- WE have a Grandfriend that is 100, and 2 more that will turn 100 this year! They are in good health, and love doing activities, riding the bus, and playing with their friends! :)

Rachelle said...

rats I have looked at three different targets for those crowns and can't find them anywhere!


Miss King said...

Love your pictures! We dress up each year and it is so much fun. The kids look adorable dressed as 100 year-olds!

Jen said...

Our 100th Day is in Feb. I love doing the Dress Up Day. The kids get so into their "character" and will even walk hunched over all day!! Too Cute!!
I love your fantastic ideas -thank you so much for sharing!!!

Allyce said...

I love all of your 100th day ideas! I can't wait to have ours! I tagged you!

Krystal said...

Tag your it! Head on over to my blog!

The Bubblegum Tree said...

That picture is too cute! Love the little 100 year olds! The placemat is great! Thanks for the freebie! I'm a new follower!