Friday, August 23, 2013

The Kissing Hand, a freebie, and TGIF

One of my favorite Back to School activities is The Kissing Hand. It's such a great little book to read and discuss feelings. 
After I discuss the book, my students help me with some activities. We either create an anchor chart, venn diagram, or we sort cards in a pocket chart. Here are some ideas that I've done in the past. 
We also make student handprints. Last year I made them on a puzzle and included a cutesy little poem from Kim Adsit. This year, I stamped handprints on a "Kissing Hand" printable. 
Some of the ideas and more can be found in a freebie. If you weren't able to grab this during the Kinderland Freebies on the Fourth hop, now is your chance. Just click the image below to grab from google docs. TGIF!


kraftykathy said...

Kthan you so much for these goodies! I love The Kissing Hand too and am doing it next week. These will really be a great addition. I love your blog!!