Meet the Teacher

So, let's get started. Here's a little about me...
I'm a newlywed! Daniel and I got married on 7-11-15 and I'm now Mrs. Erin Lynch. Don't worry, I'll still be Eberhart's Explorers. ;-) We had the most magical and romantic day, shared with family and friends.  
I was blessed to have my sister and dearest friends by my side. They made my day enjoyable and took care of every little detail. I couldn't ask for better friends. 
Sweet Ava (my God child) took her job seriously as bell ringer and did a fabulous job notifying our guests that the "Bride was coming!" She told us all she would make sure Jensen (my nephew) got down the aisle and if not, she would drag him! ha ha 
After my husband and I got married, I left Tennessee and moved to North Carolina to Daniel's hometown. Daniel works for his family's business and was unable to leave the area. We bought a beautiful new home, in a nice neighborhood, and I've enjoyed decorating and making it ours. But, I'm not going to lie - - it has been tough! I am SUPER close with my family and leaving them (although it's only about 3 hours away) has been the hardest thing I've ever done. Homesickness is for REAL, ya'll! My family has been so good to come here on weekends and visit...and Daniel and I have made many trips back home, but it's not the same. I know it will get easier with time.
One of the reasons I can't stand being away from Tennessee is because I left these two guys behind. My nephews, Jensen and Beckett, who I am obsessed with. Literally, they are my WHOLE world. I cannot even imagine what it will be like when Daniel and I have our own kids. ha I call these little guys Foof and Fee and when I was home, I was just down the road. I went over to my sister's almost every day to visit. And don't be fooled - my husband is equally in love. Jensen loves his Big D and asks for him always. So thankful for facetime!
When I moved to North Carolina, I had to leave my beloved school and students. I was faced with the choice - classroom or something else? I had a tug on my heart and felt that maybe it was time to leave the classroom and go another direction. I had worked the past two summers for TNDOE as a Common Core Coach and LOVED it! The traveling, staff developments, collaboration, friendships, and ideas were enough to inspire. So when a job opened up for an Instructional Coach, in the county I now live in, I jumped on it! After an intense interview (2 hours long), I was notified that I got the job. I am thrilled to begin a new chapter and help teachers be successful in their classrooms! Any advice you can share with me?
I've personalized and painted things for YEARS! At one point, in college, I was personalizing and painting items for 4 small businesses in town. Whether it was ornaments or chalkboards, it kept me busy and was good extra money. Since then, I've just dabbled on the side. While I'm no Cara Carroll....ha ha....I try. Here are some other boards I've personalized. I always dreamt I would have my own shop or sell on Etsy - maybe one day, I will! Anyone want to place an order? 
So there you have it! Those are a few fun facts about me.


Meredith-Teaching with a Twist said...

Hey, I just found you via Instagram. I'm from Johnson City too!!! I went t o ETSU and did all of my student teaching in JC but live and teach in Memphis now. Which school are you at? I'm sooo excited to find a fellow East Tennessean.

Teaching with a Twist

Erin Eberhart said...

Meredith - I teach for Washington County but went to JC Schools my whole life and student taught for JC Schools. Where did you student teach at?? Your name sounds very familiar???

Meredith-Teaching with a Twist said...

I got my undergrad and MAT (1998) at ETSU and did my student teaching at Northside and Indian Trail Middle.

Laura G said...

Hey Erin! I just found you…via Pinterest! I was born in JC! My mom was born/raised in Roan Mtn and daddy was born/raised in Elizabethton. I have family in JC still. I'e got 2 cousins currently at ETSU, one getting her masters and one an undergrad. What schools did you go to in JC? I'd love to find out if you know some of my family!

james said...

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