Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ocean Week - Part 2

We had a great week learning about the ocean and all the wonderful creatures that inhabit it.  Thanks to one of my sweet students for bringing in shark teeth to share with the class.  After reading multiple non fiction books on sharks, my students were fascinated by these teeth and couldn't wait to pass them around and get a closer look. 
We continued the rest of the week, much of the same.  Students listened to nonfiction books about sea creatures and helped me complete multiple webs with facts we learned.  We also watched a few Brain Pop videos. 
Each day, students would glue their di cut at the top of their foldable and list 1-2 facts about the sea creature that they found intersting.  Students would refer to the web we created during our whole group discussion to gather their facts.  Prior to this study, we had a talk about bullets and how you often bullet your paper to help the reader easily identify facts.  Notice my students use of bullets below and how many of them tried to color coordinate them to the color of their sea creature! ha How I have created mini me's!

Now, on to plants and spring next week.  Planning on planting our own seeds and making observations as our plants grow.  We'll also put together this diagram and illustrate the parts of a plant!  (This is an example from last year) Stay tuned.  ~Miss E


Deedee Wills said...

Super cute! I'm going to be doing Oceans in May. Woo-hoo!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten