Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Plant Week!

This is one of my favorite weeks.  I just love spring and teaching my students about new things.  It's certainly been a busy one!  So far, we've read multiple "plant" books.  Here are a couple to name a few...
After reading Sunflower House, we filled out a sunflower chart using descriptive words.  My students are learning (in reading) that descriptive words use your senses.  What did the flower look like? What did it smell like, etc?  Here is what we came up with.  The words in red are our labels and the words in black are our descriptive words.  My students insisted we label the parts of our flower. (Insert proud teacher smile here _____)
After we brainstormed, students transferred their words onto a web. This will be used later on in the week during Writer's Workshop.
We even created our own plant diagram and labeled the parts we learned!
We've charted things a plant has, needs, and gives. 
And students have worked to create a Kinder"garden" in our classroom.  What's a plant week without planting a few seeds? We will care for our plant and make observations about it's growth over the next few weeks.
Can't forget about poetry.  Here is the sweet little poem we're learning in Poetry Station. It's to the tune of "I'm a little Teapot." 
Little Seed
I'm a little seed,
In the dark, dark ground.
Out comes the sun,
Yellow and round.
Down comes the rain,
Wet and slow.
Up comes the little seed,
Grow, grow, grow!
As always, students must recite the poem, glue it in their poetry journal, highlight high frequency words, and illustrate it.  Here is an example of one, such great detail!
Bloom where you are planted! ~Miss E


Caitlin and Gavin said...

Love your post! Where did you get the dice for the literary station?

KASEY said...

What types of seeds did your kiddos plant?

Gsny said...

Plants don’t actually need soil to live and grow. It’s a growing medium but they could use water, mulch, sand, almost anything as a growing medium (and all varying levels of success as you can imagine). Instead, plants need sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. Without those 3 things they will not grow and in general plants do not need anything else (though specific plants need specific things).