Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a *zoo* in here!!

Even though this was from a few weeks ago, I promised some of my parents I would post!  My students worked soooo hard on their research projects and I was too proud not to share.  One of our state standards is to narrow a research question, appropriate to grade level and ability, and use outside sources to answer the question. My Kindergarten colleague and I chose to have students do a research topic on a particular zoo animal and asked them to present their posters during zoo week.  I was amazed at my students' presentations and all that they taught ME! Way to go guys! :) 
Students were informed that they had to be knowledgeable on their animal and be able to  share their poster with the class.  Below, Molly is informing us on all she learned about tigers. 
Kaylee went to the Knoxville Zoo and picked up some artifacts to share with our class about giraffes. She even took pictures of animals she saw and shared them with us!  
Of course we tied zoo into our Literacy Work Stations.  Students listened to Rumble in the Jungle during Listening time and learned about various animals in their rotations. 
Each day, we chose a different animal to focus on and learn about.  We charted webs and facts after we read informational texts.  Here is a bubble map we put together on kangaroos!
We even had time to squeeze in a few art activities. Kindergarten literally was a "zoo" that week! Students used brown finger paint to add the giraffe's pattern on its body.  Did you know that every giraffe has a different pattern? Also, we used a paper plate to create an elephant.  
Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  Love, Miss E


Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

Very nice!

Were these poster reports done in school? Or at home? What parameters did you set up for the students? Were there any "musts," like must include habitat?