Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A peek at my week and a thank you, Lord!

Have mercy...this week has been insane to say the least. Coming back to school from a 4 day weekend (not complaining there), getting a student teacher, playing catch up, ballgames with my cheerleaders, and an unannounced observation has just about sent me over! ha If you are not familiar with Tennessee's horrible grand new evaluation process, read about it {here}. Nonetheless, we've had fun learning about MLK, Jr and wrapping up my arctic animal unit. If you were unable to download my FREE mini unit, visit my {TpT store}. I just love the way my kiddos' TLC art turned out. A few look more like Barack Obama and Don King than they do, MLK....but that's ok! ha ha They did great.
I just have to share this story with ya'll...So, RIGHT in the middle of my unannounced observation yesterday....a kinder raises her hand. My students were sharing facts on MLK, Jr. that they had learned from reading a non fiction book. All were SPOT ON and doing I call on student (No big deal - right?), Me: "Yes (child's name)." She said...."Miss Eberhart, (pause) my Dad thinks you're hot!" OMG - what?! This is a bad dream. I quickly glance up at my asst. principal and his hands are over his face and his body is shaking/roaring with laughter. I could have died! Actually, I may have blacked out for a minute...I don't remember much after that. ha Yup, out of the mouth of babes. Stay tuned for how it turns out....Sheeze!

So in the midst of all that hilarious-ness...we were doing this activity:
Seeing that (above) totally makes me wish I had a smart board. Next Donors Choose project? ha While doing the anchor kinders were filling out a corresponding response sheet. All of these activities can be found in my free mini unit.

And we wrapped up with a little poetry. I just love their sweet illustrations. 
On a different note, I'm gearing up for the 100th day of school. Yippee - one of my! Miss Eberhart's 100 year old Granny is coming back for a visit. WINK! I'm seriously worried that my students will be upset when I show up and not a real 100 year old Granny. Any ideas how to handle that disappointment?
Check back in a few days for some 100th day freebies. Happy hump day blog world. It's almost Friday! Thank you, Lord!


Tara said...

Love your MLK projects and that story is toooooooo funny!!! Always happens when you're being observed!!!!! I just got a students teacher too!!! Kinda freaked me out after Christmas but it's going ok.

4th Grade Frolics

Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

We did a very similar MLK activity. Thank you for the resources. It was great for my class.

Kristin said...

That's hilarious about the hot teacher comment with your A.P. observing you. Too funny!!!
I am dying over "your" Granny - you look fantastic!!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Doodle Bugs said...

you are precious as a 100 year old granny!!

and yep.. thank you sweet Jesus for it being one day closer to Friday!

Unknown said...

So funny!! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Miss Kindergarten said...

HAHA! I would've died! The worst I've gotten was last year during an observation we were talking about snow in the mountains and I asked the kiddos what they could do in the snow. One boy raised his hand and said "my hamster died." haha! I seriously had to try hard to keep it together! I really love your MLK freebie, like really really!

Sue said...

super cute activities :)


Erika said...

That is so stinkin funny about the comment during your eval.

2B Honey Bunch
The Best Endings

Unknown said...

I have my announced instructional observation on Jan. 31st. There is no telling what my kids my do or say. The very first time I was observed, we were discussing reasons you might be late for school. One boy said, "Because you're in bed with your girlfriend." I thought I was going to die.

Unknown said...

Love everything! Way to go on the hotness! ha!!! love it!
You are the cutest 100 year old ever!

Jessica said...

I love the the mini unit!! Thank you so much. I just printed it.

rohfam4 said...

You and I are kindred spirits my friend! I, too, teach kinder in WA state and have used that TLC project for a few years. Mine look exactly like yours do...I have a few Obama's as well-lol! I love, love, LOVE your extension to the project and snatched up your mini unit freebie! Thank you so much....I just found your blog a few weeks ago and we have such similar styles! Love what you are doing and please keep it up!

The Daily Alphabet said...

Yes, kids say the craziest things when you don't need them to! Thanks for the free items, they're great!

The Daily Alphabet

The Lemonade Stand said...

I just found your blog. It is adorable! I teach in Tennessee, too. My unannounced was last week. Absolutely stressed me out!