Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Homework Pack - Finally!

Ohmiword! Has it really been almost a month since I've posted? Ya'll, I'm telling ya's been nuts. Can anyone relate? Sadly, there will be a lot of rewind posts over the next few weeks. ha Although Thanksgiving is behind us, some of the stuff we did in my classroom is just too sweet not to share. I'll be doing some flashback posts over the next few weeks so please hang with me. Anyways, I wanted to share with you my December Homework Pack. I've partnered up with Katie Mense from Little Warriors to create monthly homework packs. We so appreciate you being patient with us both and providing us with wonderful feedback. I'm loving the opportunity to work with Katie - she is great! Check out what we've made for this month.
Do you have parents asking you what they can work on with their kinders at home? Not sure what to send with them? Here's your answer! This packet was created by 2 Kindergarten teachers with 2 different there is lots of variety and ideas! This is the fourth homework pack in a series of monthly packs to reinforce your students' skills throughout the year.

This packet includes:
~Weekly homework calendars (5 weeks included) that lay out which activities should be completed each night. (There are 5 different calendar options that give you choices on how many assignments you require your students to complete each week.)
~A December Family project
~Response sheets for your students to complete for each activity

Look like fun?? Then, please check out our December pack! There is a new family project and of course, a skill to work on for each day of the month that are all presented in fun ways. Thanks for looking. I promise I'll be back this week with some fun posts and a giveaway. You won't wanna miss it!