Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 2013 and January homework pack!!

Hey friends. Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. I know many of you are going back today for the first time today - jealousy!! My school system has been at it for 4 days now...we went back last Wednesday (Jan. 2nd)! Here is a pic for you...from a crazy party animal! 
Usually with the new year comes a new outlook. Are you approaching the school year with change in mind? Trying something new from now until the end of the year?  Maybe some of you have decided that you were going to challenge your students a little more while outside of the classroom. Have you ever thought about weekly homework packs? If so, I've got your answer! This packet was created by 2 Kindergarten teachers with 2 different there is lots of variety and ideas! This is the fifth homework pack in a series of monthly packs to reinforce your students' skills throughout the year.
This packet includes:
~Weekly homework calendars (5 weeks included) that lay out which activities should be completed each night. (There are 5 different calendar options that give you choices on how many assignments you require your students to complete each week.)
~A January Family project
~Response sheets for your students to complete for each activity

Look like fun?? Then, please check out our January pack posted in Katie's store! There is a new family project and of course, a skill to work on for each day of the month that are all presented in fun ways. Thanks for looking. I promise I'll be back this week with some fun posts and a giveaway. One of my new year's resolutions is to not be such a slacker blog woman! ha Happy Monday!!


The Daily Alphabet said...

I love it, looks awesome!!

The Daily Alphabet

Unknown said...

Love this!
First Grade Blue SKies

Unknown said...

I just found your blog through your Martin Luther King Jr. unit freebie on TPT! Thank you so much for that-I can't wait to use it!

Your blog is adorable-I'm your newest follower! :)

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Sarah Paul said...

This homework pack looks great! Very cute! :)
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Deedee Wills said...

I love your sweet pig!!!!

Erica Bohrer said...

Awe! Your piggy makes me miss Molly! My two brats won't wear hats!