Saturday, January 4, 2014

Professional Goals for 2014 + Hibernation Unit!

Hey friends. Contact the press - I've blogged 2 days in a row! Woot woot. I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' again and discussing my professional goals. You should hop on over and check out the posts and link up as well. Here goes...
I want to be more planned and organized with small group instruction. I'm so bad about not getting everything in that I have planned...or changing my mind on what I want to teach at the last minute? Is anyone else guilty of this? It's especially bad if I feel stressed to complete something for the school or I have a pressing note to write to a parent...I may skip a small group all together. Shew....there, I said it. Eeek! This can NOT continue to happen. My small group time is precious and often, it's when my students learn best and grow in their ability. 
Ya'll - another confession. I hate math. I've always hated math...even as a child. Therefore, I think I hate teaching it. I really want it to be FUN for me so I can make it FUN for my students. I think I do a good job incorporating fun centers into work station time, but as far as the instruction itself...not so much. I've got to make it more appealing to myself so I will enjoy teaching it. I could teach Reading/Language Arts ALL day long!! Math - blah. 
Is "commenter" even a word? I so enjoy the comments I receive. I try to read each one and they make me oh so happy. I want to do better at reading other bloggers' posts and commenting on them. I also want to work on not being so ADHD and finish all the projects I've started. I'm so bad with starting a unit and using what I need for my class, but never finishing it to post and share with others. :( I get distracted. Oh look - a squirrel!! ha You all inspire me so much and blogging really is an outlet for me. I must make more time for it because it's something I enjoy and work on completing my projects. Which brings me to this...I have FINALLY finished my Hibernation unit. I plan on using this next week when I return on Monday (still praying for that snow day). ha This unit is packed full of 16 math and literacy stations and is only $5.00!! 
I'm pretty excited that I finished this and was able to get it posted BEFORE January. ha For this weekend only, this pack will be discounted at 20% off. Click {here} to check it out. 
And all of this brings me to my last goal - stay AHEAD and organized in my plans. I'm pretty decent in planning but then I search pinterest and find something I like better. Dang creative people out there. This leaves me scurrying to plan and change things all together so I can incorporate this grand idea I found online. I must stay organized and stick with what I've written down. No more planning the night before and changing my mind to include something else. So far...I'm planned through January. Now, if I can just stick to this routine. 

What are your goals? First person to leave a comment and email address below will score my Hibernation unit for free! Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I agree...that darn Pinterest goes and gives me awesome ideas and then I have to go and change my plans last minute. :). Best of luck with your New Year goals.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot my email. Thanks! Nicole

connie said...

I just bought your Hibernation unit - thanks for posting it 20% off :)
Seriously, your first 2 resolutions are mine! I do small group less than 25% of the time - not even one day a week!! Ugh. Planning help, yes. I also have a real hard time giving up even a minute of whole group reading-writing. I love writing. I could do a 4 hour block of literacy. I HATE my mat series and I was just thinking this morning that I need to revamp my math for next year. I hope you post lots of ideas/strategies...I'll be watching :)
Thanks - Connie

Sharla said...

I could totally use your resolutions as mine! I couldn't have said it better! Hope you have a blessed year!

Unknown said...

I am always trying to get ahead on planning and always falling behind again. I need to get better at it, but with groups always changing it's hard to do! Thanks for linking up today!


First Grade Carousel said...

Your Hibernation unit looks fantastic! I love your goals - I've worked on improving math instruction this break.

Amanda said...

I used to hate math too. I didn't like math throughout my school experience due to some negative things that happened. One year I had a class very strong in math and it made me excited to do math with them. Incorporating math games also has helped. My kiddos don't generally seem to play games like Go Fish and Memory at home, so even these things are thrilling to them. Good luck!

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