Monday, January 6, 2014

What I'm teaching this month...a look at past posts!

Hey ya'll. We had a snow day today and boy have I loved every minute of it. I may or may not have JUST gotten out of my pajamas (and showered)! ;-) Oopsie. Not to mention, I just got a text saying we are out again tomorrow due to extreme cold. Whoop whoop. I am thanking Jesus right now (and Mother Nature) because this gives me another day to devote to planning. I was just reflecting over some past posts and wanted to share. Here are some things we will be doing during the month of January. Be sure to click the links and visit my "oldies but goodies." Hopefully, you can snag a few ideas...or two!
Read last year's Hibernation post {here}. And check out my Hibernation Station unit on TpT {here}.
You can read more about this unit and what all my students do for Snowmen/Winter {here}.
You can read about this {here}. And make sure you grab my MLK freebie unit {here}. This little unit has had over 45,000 downloads! What?!?! 
Read my 100th day posts {here} and {here}.
This is absolutely one of my favorite units to teach. Can't wait! Check out our penguin posts {here} and {here}.

What do you teach in January? Please share. I hope everyone is staying warm tonight. With the windchill factor, it's -15 outside. Brrrrrr bears!


Mrs. Anderson said...

I'm going to check out all of your units. Thanks for sharing them. It's -40 below in Moline, Illinois where I teach. Yesterday it was the same and we had a teacher inservice that we had to attend. No school today though. Enjoy your day off!
Connie Anderson:)
Welcome To First Grade Room 5

Unknown said...

Love the hibernation journal entry! =) Jennifer
First Grade Blue Skies

Kristy said...

It's cold here in Florida - well, cold for us, lol! We start back with students tomorrow. We are studying polar animals all during the month of January.
Teachin' First