Saturday, April 16, 2011

Non Fiction Writing Idea

I just love stalking browsing blogs and finding great printables I can use in my classroom.  I hope to figure that out and post some cool stuff one day. Maybe a summer goal?!? Anyways, I found this WONDERFUL nonfiction book at A Place called Kindergarten and it correlated with our reading series unit, not to mention writer's workshop - so I HAD to print it and use it with my students.  How about that...killing 2 birds with 1 stone?  Score!  Check out what we did...
We've been reading and identifying lots of non-fiction books with our "Amazing Creatures" unit. We read a book called Beetles by Edana Eckart and began filling out our writing ideas

We know that Nonfiction writers research topics to write about and we were able to research and find facts on beetles.  
*Some glow in the dark
*They eat many things

*Some glow
  *Many colors
Nonfiction writers label their pictures - a skill we're working on in writer's workshop.  Here are some of our illustrations and labels. 
You can also find fun facts in Nonfiction books. Here is what we found out about ladybugs!
I was pretty pleased with how they turned out and uber thankful for the freebie!  Hope you enjoy, happy weekend. ~Miss E


Jonelle Bell said...

Sooooo excited that you used my template!! Tell your students that those labeled pictures are amazing!!
A Place Called Kindergarten

become an author said...

I was so glad I found your blog, all you have posted here gives me lots of ideas..

write my book said...

Great ideas.. I love your blog.