Monday, April 11, 2011

A Peek at the Week...

It's Dinosaur week and I've got a lot of fun posts coming...but in the mean time, I wanted to give you an inside look at our Math and Literacy Work Stations we started today.  

Literacy Work Stations:
Roll a Word:  I'm probably OVER using this station ;-) but it's such good practice for those high frequency words.  Students roll the word, say it to their shoulder partner, and record it on their graph.   When they meet with me, they'll review the words and tell me what word they had the most/least of.
Stamping: This week, students are using dinosaur stamps and an illustrated background to create a prehistoric scene.  Students must color their picture and either write about their scene or label it!
Poetry: Same as always - just a new poem! ;-) Students must cut/glue the poem in their poetry journal, highlight words they know, and illustrate it.  I'm loving this students' long neck dinosaur, pterodactyl, and stegosaurus.
Writing/Word Work: Students are cracking "dinosaur eggs" to discover words.  They must sort the words and write them under the correct word family!                                              
Listening: We're listening to All Aboard the Dinotrain and filling out our story report.  (I forgot to snap a photo of a completed one...oopsie) A favorite for students REALLY love this book and were excited to listen to it today!

Math Workstations:
Number Sense: Students are arranging number cards by 2s, 5s, and 10s and recording the missing numbers on their number sheet!  Find a great resource for this {here}.
Geometry: Students are creating pictures using tangram pieces and recording the pieces they used on a graph.
Money Matters: Students are "Coin Investigators" this week!  I have hidden coins around the room with facts and students must search the room, match up the coin on their paper, and record the fact!  This cute printable and others can be found {here}.
Time/Measurement: Students are arranging the "Days of the week" on paper and having fun with this magnetic calendar.  A great review for the end of the year!

Enjoy! ~Miss E


Anonymous said...

Hi, Where did you get the dice that you used in the roll-a-word game? They are adorable!