Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Caught in Action!

Shew...what a whirlwind it has been, especially getting back in the groove of things.  Thought I would share with you our Literacy Work Stations in ACTION!  I implemented one of my new stations (Roll a Word) and it has been a HIT! Here's what is going on...

Listening: This week, students are listening to the story There was a Cold Lady who Swallowed some Snow and filling out a story report.  Afterwards, students are using my "Old Lady" and various story elements to retell the events as they occurred in the book.
Poetry: Students are reciting the poem, I'm a Little Penguin.  (We have been studying arctic animals during our winter unit)  Afterwards, students must highlight the words they know, glue the poem in their poetry journal, and illustrate it.

Writing and Word Work: Students are at Roll a Word.  You can find more information about this work station here!

Punch Prints: Students have 9 high frequency words they are to say to a buddy at their table.  They trace the words with a marker and head to the carpet to punch them!  Our punch prints are made out of thumb tacks and pencil topper erasers-secured with hot glue. (The top of the tack fits snug in the eraser, leaving only the pointy tack exposed) After students have punched the words, they can hold them up to the light and see them sparkle.  Their most FAVORITE part! :)
Stamping: Students have 5 high frequency words they are to "read, stamp, and write." 
All of these stations are their "HAVE TO" stations....I failed to include their fun stations they can visit afterwards.  Those range from whiteboards and computers to alphabet puzzles and letter lego's and change, weekly.  I'm usually conducting small groups during this time.  I hope to have pictures of that soon.  Just a small glimpse into our classroom this week....Happy Hump Day! ~Miss E


Kathleen said...

Love the "Punch Prints" - what a great idea! I think I will be adding that to my list of to do's!
kathleen @ :)