Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Classroom Books

I just LOVEEEE making class books with my students.  I try to make at least ONE a week that typically corresponds with our theme.  I compile the pages, make a front/back cover, laminate, and bind them (aka "publish" the book).  Once it is completed, I'll share it with the class and place it in our library center.  Students can check out the book and keep it for a night to share with their family.  At the end of the year, every student may pick one book to keep and I'll store the rest to use as examples in upcoming years.  For more information on my classroom books and ideas, visit my website here:

Anyways...over the years, I have run out of cute ideas for covers and what not until I hit the mother load!  Check out heaven this place - Scrapbook Superstore.  My friend Kellie made the trek to Pigeon Forge 2 weeks ago and picked me up a bag full of goodies! :)  You can imagine my excitement. is what I've used some of the dicuts to create.

The question of the day is - - What do YOU use to make cute covers?  Share your classroom book ideas, pages, techniques, etc! :) Thanks, Miss E