Wednesday, July 13, 2011

*Back to School* Bulletin Board SAYINGS

Head on over to Really Roper and join in on her linky party fun. She is hosting a "Back to School Bulletin Board" party and has some great ideas to share. Here are a few of MY favorites:

Look Who is Hanging out in (Teacher's Name) Class - Create a clothesline and write each child's name on a paper t shirt. Use clothes pins to hang them on the line. For an added touch, students can decorate their shirt on the first day of school!
Fishin' for a great year - Attach a fishing rod to a bulletin board and write each child's name on a fish. You can even add a pond.
Jumping into Kindergarten (or grade of choice) - Cover the board in blue and make a large lily pad in the middle. Place a large frog on the lily pad with teacher's name and have student names around, written on smaller di-cut frogs. (Note: DJ Inkers has a great frog note pad that would work perfect)
Wanted: A Great Group of Kinders - Purchase the distressed/wanted paper at an office supply store and print students' names at the bottom. (If you want to get crafty, you can tea dye your own paper!) At Open House or on the 1st day of school, take each child's picture and add them to their wanted poster.  Display them on your board. 
Happy decorating! ~Miss E


Barbie said...

Great ideas! The wanted poster idea is adorable!!

Really Roper