Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bulletin Boards!

Hey, Hey!  Sunny Days in Second Grade is hosting a bulletin board linky party!  And seeing as how I love these so much, I thought I would join in on the fun. Here are a few of my favorite bulletin boards. Last year, I decided to make a "scene" outside of my classroom door.  While this was a big task at first, changing it throughout the year became something I looked forward to.  Here are a few of my scenes:
This was done in October. Students made crows to go around our scare crow!  Sorry it's so blurry, the picture was taken with my phone. 
Here is our November/Thanksgiving scene.  My students' family project for that month was to decorate a turkey feather. When feathers were turned in, they were added to our class turkey and placed in the hall.  Super cute!!
Will you BEE our Valentine? Students made bees to place on our scene for February.  (another phone picture - eek!)
This bulletin board is always a favorite.  I never know what to put up at the beginning of the year because I am without student work. So I always do something similar to this....Under Construction or Under KIDstruction. I just add a note saying, "Caution! Student work coming soon!" This lets parents know that their child's work will be displayed and to look for it when roaming the halls!
And last but not least, I'm pretty sure this board says it all about Kindergarten. is a hoot! Students make these art projects in the fall.  We stuff paper bags with newspaper and fold the top to make a triangle (this is where the beak and eyes are placed). Students then glue the wings on the back and we display them for all to see!  

Hurry over and link up. I'm so excited to steal get new bulletin board ideas.  Happy decorating! 
~Miss E


SunnyDays said...

These are great! I love the scene idea. I think if I did that the fire marshall arrest me!

Thanks for linking up!
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SunnyDays said...

•oops - the fire marshall WOULD arrest me...