Monday, July 25, 2011

Highlighting Heaven!

Hey friends! Look what I picked up at Walgreen's yesterday...highlighters galore! Did anyone see these in the sale paper? They were 9 cents each! I may or may not have bought 20 something. ;-) Hello cheap!
Anyways, I got home and began putting together a little game to go with them. Being the nice bloggy woman that I am, (ha!) I had to share. Go ahead and download your FREE copy and leave me a comment with your thoughts. I'm not crazy about the "I" in the font, but I loved the font too much to change it. Maybe you can add the horizontal lines across the letter after you print your cards? Just a thought. Also, the cards are laid out to print using Avery 5163 shipping labels. After you print, peel and stick the label to an index card, and laminate! Voila - no cutting! Students simply draw the card, identify the letter and sound to a partner, then find it on their paper and highlight.  Easy enough - right? Enjoy! ~Miss E

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Click the image to download the cards!

Click the image to download the worksheet!


Mary said...

What a great game! Thanks for sharing :)

Adventures in Kindergarten

Stephanie said...

Walgreens is the best! What a great deal!

SDNana said...

Thanks so much for sharing the game and the tip about the highlighters being on sale at Walgreens. I always forget to check their BTS sales!