Monday, May 28, 2012


Graduation turned out great! The parents loved it and my students were thrilled. Check out the little slideshow I put together! :) Just click on the pic below.
We ended our last full day with field day. My kinders had a blast! A HUGE thanks to our 2 awesome gym teachers for organizing a great day of fun. Of course, the water station was my students' favorite! ha Look at her - she is soaked!
Here is the last group photo of the year! This was right before my students held me and dumped a HUGE bucket of water on me. Those pictures will remain in MY possession! ;-) ha ha I believe my tennis shoes are still wet. 
I will share this one with you though. Here it COMES! My kids had a little help from some 8th graders. 
Now that school is over, I'm gearing up for next year. I'm saying good-bye to the yucky "dull-ow" in my room (it doesn't even come close to being considered a yellow color - ha) and hello to bright green!  Whoo hoo!
The walls will be - green, the doors and shelves - black, and all my trim - white! It will go so perfect with all my zebra rugs and safari theme. And best of all - it will look CLEAN! When this is done, I'll begin changing out my bulletin boards and organizing stuff for the new year. I am dying to make DeAnna's palm tree {here}. I've been busy painting and hope to finish my room and start on the pam tree, tomorrow. I'll post some pics soon. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! I'm so thankful for all our veterans - past and present. I know that freedom certainly isn't free. I spent my day in the sun and with is a pic of my sister and I. What a wonderful way to start the summer! Can you tell I'm burnt?!  ha ha It's not summer until you get your first sun burn - right??


Jeanne said...

I can't believe you are that busy already! I know your room will look awesome. I like the color scheme. Be sure to post some pictures or I might have to visit!

She (Sprinkle Teaching Magic) said...

Happy summer vacation and look at ya already busy busy. Love it! The green you chose is such a bright fun color! Can't wait to see how your palm tree turns out!

Sprinkle Teaching Magic

Jena Snowden said...

My room is green too! I love the color of your/your sister's hair. :)

1st Grade with Miss Snowden

Mrs. C said...

Loved the slideshow!

Erin Eberhart said...

ha ha @Jeanne - You totally have to come visit. I might need your expertise! :)

@Sheila - Thanks, I love the color. It's so bright!

@Jena - OMG, our hair is a multitude of colors from years of having our hair dyed and highlighted! ha ha But thank you. We owe MUCH to our hairdresser. She rocks! I wanna see your green room!

@Mrs. C - Thank you :) Smile box makes it so easy to create cute slide shows!

Mrs. L said...

I love the green. Gorgeous!
Life with Mrs. L

Cindy Del Valle said...

I'm so jealous that can paint your room! I can't wait to see the end result.

Primary Reading Party

Jen R said...

I'm so jealous that you get to paint your room!!

♥ Jen
The Teacher's Cauldron

Lisa R. said...

That is really neat that you can paint your classroom like that! I can't wait to see the after pictures once you are done & you decorate it up!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Tangelia C. said...

I love the idea of being able to paint your room! I hope that this is something I can do in whatever school I end up in.

Unknown said...

I have been at my school now for 14 years - moved classrooms and have moved 9 times. Seriously - 3x in 1 year due to over crowding and then splitting schools mid year! Even if we were allowed to paint our room, I would probably get moved after.

Can't wait to see your end result. Love your theme.