Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gearing up for Valentine's Day!

Here are a few fun things in the works for tomorrow....I hope to post some pics of my students' valentine crafts and what not, after our party. 
Look who's been baking!! ;-)  Can't wait to enjoy these with my kiddos!
Just some creative Valentine ideas, stolen borrowed, off some fabulous blogs.  My Mother often says, I would gift the farm if I had one.  I love giving here are a few things I've created to pass along to friends and students at school.  Enjoy~
I wanted to do something unique for my students this year, as opposed to the traditional valentine cards.  And when I began searching the internet, I ran across these crayon hearts.  I thought the idea was great because it allowed me to recycle the MILLIONS of used/broken crayons I have stashed in my classroom.  I thought sticking my hearts in a cello bag, adding some ribbon, and a little tag (purchased on etsy) was a quick fix.  You can find instructions for these hearts at In the Pink!  Please note: if you do not use a silicone pan (which I didn't), spray your pan with non stick cooking spray before dropping your crayon pieces in to melt)
I LOVE this idea.  I snagged the chocolate coins out of the $1 bin at Target.  You can find more information about this cute valentine here: Colorful Creative Ideas!  Don't forget to pick up some extra coins for St. Patrick's Day.  We always seem to have a sneaky leprechaun who leaves us his Pot of Gold each year.  ;-)
These little guys were sooo easy to make.  I passed them out to my kiddos I teach in Sunday School, this morning, and they loved them!  I ran my copies off on heavy pink card stock...cut and hole punched.  Grab the FREE printable here: What the Teacher Wants!
What teacher, friend, girly girl..doesn't love a little lotion that fits in a purse?  I ran off some "Love Potion #9" labels...stuck them on individual bottles of lotion and added some V Day ribbon I picked up at Michael's for next to nothing!  Nothing inspired here....just something I conjured up in my mind!  Great gift...and super simple. 
These may be my absolute favorite.  I traced my students' hands last week, cut them out, and curled their two middle fingers around pencils.  A little two sided tape and a sucker is all you need.  This idea and so many others came from The First Grade Parade.
Happy Valentine's Day! ~Miss E


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