Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dental Health Week!

What fun we've had this week....and there is much more to come!  My students are looking forward to a visit from a dental hygenist on Friday.  :)  Here's a glimpse of what we've done thus far.
Don't you just love these BIG teeth and brush?  My students thought this was the coolest thing ever!  Ha ha It's a great way to teach proper brushing techniques.  We've been using these (during free time) to practice caring for our teeth.
We filled out a predictive chart after watching a Brain Pop video on dental health. Get a great printable for this chart at What the Teacher Wants!
This is hard to read. (Sorry!) But...we've been learning a Teeth Poem and ilustrating it in our poetry journal.  It's to the tune of jingle bells and VERY catchy. ha! ;-)
Brush your Teeth
Brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth,
Give your teeth a treat...
Brush up and down and all around,
To keep them clean and neat!
Brush them once,
Brush them twice,
Brush three times a day...
Brush up and down and all around,
Keep cavaties away!
Nothing like an EGGsperiment to teach dental vocabulary and the importance of brushing your teeth.  We started out by forming a hypothesis on Monday and placing our eggs in cups of water and coke.  I loved my students' predictions and illustrations.   SOOO many of them actually thought the egg would explode when placed in coke! They actually held up their clipboards to sheild their face when I dropped the egg in the cup.  ha ha  Check out Haley's illustration below.  She drew the egg shells (after explosion) and egg yolk floating in the coke. :)
After soaking over night, we pulled the eggs from our cups, made our conclusions, and finished our EGGsperiment paper.  It was neat to see that brushing could remove the stains left by coke.  A great lesson learned!
Here is one of the completed papers.  I love how her hypothesis shows her egg changing into Christmas colors! :) Wouldn't that be neat?  Thank GOODness that doesn't actually happen or I would be hurting.....you all know my obsession with Diet Coke. ahhhh
Afterwards, we played a tooth game to incorporate mathematics and counting.  Students rolled their dice to see how many marshmallows (teeth) to place on their mouth.  When filled, they enjoyed their marshmallows as a mid morning snack!
Looking forward to the rest of the week.  Keep on brushing and flossing!


Kristina said...

I love your EGGsperiment! What a great idea. Just found your blog- very fun!


Erin Eberhart said...

Thank you! I'll certainly have to check your blog out as well :)

Kaneohe said...

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Kaleigh said...

I love your EGGsperiment and the cute teeth game! I'd love a copy, do you have them for sale anywhere? I'm a new follower :)

Kaleigh's Klassroom

Erin Eberhart said...

Kaleigh, hop over to Katie's site (Little Warriors) and she has posted the freebie there! :) Hope that helps.

Julio Rotter said...

I love this Eggsperiment activity; it is not only fun but also very educational. It teaches kids the importance of proper brushing and regular dental checkups. Including this kind of activity in the school curriculum is a good way of instilling in the students’ minds the importance of practicing oral hygiene at a young age. A good habit, which they can carry on until they reach their adult years.

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Domestic Goddesque said...

This is such a brilliant experiment and so easy to achieve: exactly what I am looking for to teach my children to brush their teeth. Pinned. Thank you!

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