Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray for the 100th day!!

I wish I would have posted earlier in the week, but I've been so busy!  I've got some fun ideas/activities to share from Groundhog's Day...but who knows when I'll have time to post that. July maybe?!? ha On a positive note, my graduate school research paper is DONE and my 1st yearbook deadline (of 40 pages) has been met!  Can I get a Hallelujah?!!?  :)  Aside from that...I'm adjusting and getting back in the "groove" of things.  This has been the first FULL week of school we've had since the first week of December!  I know....crazy - huh!?  So you can imagine all we've had to play catch up on....while enjoying some fun Groundhog crafts and celebrating the 100th day.  *Yawn*  This makes me tired just typing it. 

Anyways...let's get on with the excitement!  Today was the 100th day of school and guess who showed up??  Miss Eberhart's 100 year old Granny! ;-) Here she is in all her glory with some fellow "Granny" students.
This had to be my Granny's most favorite part of the day!  We FINALLY made it to the 100th day on our chart.  The students were SO excited to bundle our groups of ten and move them to the 100's pocket.
Now...let's cut to the chase.  What did we do today??  Well....FIRST we made 100 tally marks.
Then we made our 100 hats!  Students counted by 10s to 100 and illustrated it on their sentence strip.  Afterwards, we stapled ellison dicuts to make 100 on the top.
Aside from all that....we watched 101 Dalmations and even enjoyed some 100th day snacks!!
Students visited 10 food stations and collected 10 items at each.  After they filled their placemat, they placed their snack in their 100th day bag and shook up their trail mix.  Yummy!!
We also made the number 100 out of Wheat Thin sticks and Ritz crackers.
And what's a little 100th day fun without illustrating yourself at 100 years old??  I'm sure the students had NO problem gathering ideas from Miss Eberhart's OLD Granny! ;-) Hope you enjoyed a few of the fun things we did today.  Just 80 school days left until summer vacation! ~Miss E


Jonelle Bell said...

You look so adorable dressed up for the 100th day!
A Place Called Kindergarten

Dawn Culbertson said...

Love your 100 day ideas! Would you be willing to share your 100 tally chart? I love the way you used to dots as a guide! My kiddos will love this! Thanks!