Friday, February 18, 2011

President's Day-Part 2

Wrapped up our President's Day study by taking a look at Lincoln and some of our symbols.  Here is a glimpse at what we did:
We filled out fact charts after watching informational videos!
We listened to and read stories on Abraham Lincoln and Betsy Ross.
We painted flags with 13 stars for the 13 original colonies (we used yellow crayons for the stars so it would show up brighter) and made Lincoln's log cabin.
We even learned a Lincoln poem and illustrated it in our poetry journal!

On to dental health next week!  Looking forward to some EGGsperiments and a visit from a dental hygienist.  Gosh - I love my job.  :)  Happy Weekend.  ~Miss E


Melissa said...

I gave you the Stylish Blog Award. =)Go to my post to see the rules.