Sunday, March 6, 2011

Accessory Swap!

Look what just arrived!!!  *SQUEAL*
Thanks to my great new blogger friend, Melissa, at F is for First Grade for sending me this precious package in the mail!  It certainly made my ending to a crazy week much, much better!  :)  This woman certainly knows the way to a teacher's heart.  I love how Melissa coordinated everything and pulled out lots of pinks.  I am a pretty muted person, but like to add splashes of color here and there!
One can never have TOO much paper...and I am a notepad/notecard freak. ha ;-) Can't wait to doodle little notes on these!
I love this cute basket.  It was filled with lots of goodies.  (all wrapped and tied with cute bows, of course)  She sent me hot pink earrings, a hot pink bracelet, two great pairs of silver earrings, and a big blingy ring. Confession: the flower earrings in the middle are my FAV!  I cannot wait to wear them with a great outfit.  They are super chunky, but yet, dainty - I love them! :)
What's not to love about flip flops?!  Even though I have an entire BASKET full, you can never have enough.  These will be great to wear this summer with a sun dress or tank top!  Won't be using them anytime soon though, it is snowing here.  Thanks to Melissa for all my fun goodies and a BIG thank you to Elisabeth at The Adverntures of Miss Elisabeth for organizing such a great accessory swap!


Elisabeth said...

Cute stuff!!!! Love it all! Thanks so much for swapping! :)


Cindy Hutter and Tanya Wildman said...

Melissa teaches down the hall from me! Love her!

Unknown said...

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