Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another linky party...

Ha ha I couldn't resist this one...hop on over to Abby's *site* and link up to her "You know you're a teacher when..." party.  This should be quite interesting!  ;-)
You know you're a Kindergarten Teacher when...

1. Every decent pair of dress pants you own have a pen, sharpie, or paint stain on them and you still wear them with pride.

2. You have more playdough containers in the dishwasher than dishes.  I know I can find a use for them somewhere! ;-)

3. You prefer sitting on the floor, criss-cross-applesauce.

4. You can coordinate almost ANY curriculum standard to the tune of some song.

5. You look more forward to Pajama Day than your students do.

6. You own 8,794 coffee mugs and your collection is still growing!

7. Tying a shoe in record time is listed under your accomplishments on your resume.

8. You correct children in public that you don't know.

9. You spend more money on your classroom/students than you do on yourself.

10. You tear up when your students finally "get it!"

11. You could retire if you had a nickel for every tattle you've heard.

12. You'd rather just tough it out than call in sick and make sub plans.

13. You have actually used the line "See that little hole in the wall?  That's a hidden camera that feeds RIGHT into the Principal's office and she's watching you!"

14. You start a blog about teaching and all the crazy stuff you implement into your classroom.

15.  You squeal every time a Scholastic Book Order arrives!

16. You order Happy Meals for yourself, specifically for the toy...hey - it's one more treasure for your treasure box.    ;-)

17. You've contemplated buying stock in Elmer's and Crayola.

18.  You can look at a paper with no name and tell exactly who it belongs to based on their writing/coloring skills.  This never ceases to amaze your instructional assistant and parent helpers. ha!

19. You pack a snack for yourself to enjoy while your students are having theirs. 

20.  You love what you do more than anything else and almost ALWAYS are known in a public place!  "Hey Miss's ME....ya know, from school!?"


Abby said...

Sooooo with you on toughing it out!!! I HATE subplans!!! Can't we just deem it a movie marathon day?!

Cecelia said...

I order Happy Meals, too. I love the toys for treasure box. Luckily my kids are big enough to not want them anymore.

Mrs. C said...

Orrrr you stalk the stoes in July and buy school supplies, go back to your car, change your glasses and lipstick, return to the store as another customer! Ohhh I have done it!