Friday, March 4, 2011

Dr. Seuss Literacy Work Stations

Writing/Word work: Students are "Reading the Room" for words that start with letters in Dr. Seuss's name.  They were even allowed to use JUMBO pens to write with.  It made this station quite popular! ;-)  The pens were purchased at the Dollar Tree. 
Library:  Students are reading Dr. Seuss books in the tent and writing down words they know/recognize on a Dr. Seuss hat! (The tent was a garage sale find for $5!  Can you believe it?!?!)
Tongue Twisters: Students are working on the J alliteration this week.  I have two students whose names begin with J.  Students must say the twister, copy it, illustrate it, and highlight the Js.  The twister reads - Julia and Jeremiah joyfully jump Jupiter.
Poetry: This week, students are reciting an excerpt from Green Eggs and Ham.  Students are to cut and glue the poem in their journal, highlight words they know, and illustrate it!
Listening: Students are listening to Hop on Pop and completing a book report.  This week, students must record the title, illustrate what happened in sequence (beginning, middle, and end) and write a sentence telling whether they liked the book or not. 
Some of these great Dr. Seuss printables can be found at Chalk Talk.  Enjoy!