Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. Seuss Week-Part 1

This has to be one of my favorite weeks...the students get so excited and really participate with the daily "themes".  Here is a glimpse into what we've been doing...
Monday - Cat in the Hat (Dress in red and white)
Tuesday - The Sleep Book (Wear your jammies)
 Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday (Wear your wackiest outfit)
 Wacky Students
 Wacky Hair
and wacky feet!
We made a class book and drew our wacky friends in Room #110! (Please note that this is a drawing of my little Isaac two pictures up on the left.  ha ha I think Karlee was pretty accurate on his spikey/wacky hair! ha ha)
We even had guest readers from Daniel Boone High School.  They read us 3 Dr. Seuss books and brought us surprises!

Can you guess what tomorrow is?!!?  That's right, GREEN EGGS AND HAM!  My students will be dressing in green and sampling real green eggs and ham.  Several have already made their mind up that they WILL not like them and are "allergic!"  ha How cool is it that one of my students has a chicken coop and her hens lay actual green eggs?  Some of them have a more brown tint to them and others are speckled.  That is ONE plus to teaching in the country - an unlimited supply to fresh eggs!  Last year, it was molasses! ;-) I'm super stoked about frying these puppies up in the morning.  Stay tuned for a more in depth Dr. Seuss study tomorrow...
Until YOU like Green Eggs and Ham?