Monday, March 28, 2011


I adapted this game from the workshop I went to a few weeks ago and blogged about. Remember? You can view that post {here}. I thought this would be a great teacher-led review game for my students to play during small group or independently, with the help of a partner.  These high frequency words are often referred to as popcorn words because they should "POP" in your students' heads.  To re-create this game, all you'll need is:
A Popcorn Container 
(purchased 2/$1 at the Dollar Tree)
Glue Stick
High Frequency Words
Popcorn Clip art  - your choice!
My Popcorn clip art was picked up at a Scrapbook Store in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  It was marked down and I scored another 50% off.  How's that for a good deal?  I think, all together, I have maybe $5 in this game. is what I came up with. 
Students will place all the popcorn pieces into the popcorn container.  They will take turns drawing a popcorn piece.  IF they can correctly identify the high frequency word on the popcorn bowl, they get to keep the card.  If they miss the word, the popcorn bowl goes back into the container.  (The object of the game is to earn the most popcorn bowls)  But, if a student draws a piece that says POP!, they must put all their pieces back in the popcorn container.  
So, you're certainly not wanting to draw this card. In order to keep students from using their keen sense of touch, they MUST draw the card their hand first touches OR, if teacher led, the teacher draws all the cards.  
If a student draws THESE popcorn bowls, and correctly identifies the word on the front and on the back, they earn another turn.  I typically set a timer and when the timer dings, students must count their popcorn bowls and the child with the most, wins! This game has been adapted into other forms.....Crash!, Bankrupt!, etc.  Check out a great link for the Bankrupt! game {here}.  My kids love it and it is a wonderful review.  All this talk of popping has made me to enjoy some popcorn myself! ;-) 
~Miss E


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