Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Colors Week

Here is a sneak peek of our 2 week Colors Unit. Each day, my students have been asked to dress in the "color of the day."  
Every day we have webbed items to coordinate with our colors. Students are learning about bubble maps and circle maps. Here is what we came up with for blue
We've been making a page each day to insert in our Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. Students will underline the color of the day, glue on their di cut, and illustrate their page. We are engaging in beginning reading through memorization and print recognition. 
 Red Day!
 Our circle map for red. 
Here is our red bird page. I hope to post pictures of the final product. The parents RAVE about these books each year and they make a great keepsake. 
We also review colors by doing a color match on our pocket chart. Students chanted the spelling of the color words and helped me to match the word with the color. You can download these color words from Fran's site, {here}
Off to find something to wear for tomorrow's color - it is "pink day!"   ;-)
~Miss E


Julie said...

Love your circle maps! Great job!

Emily said...

You have an awesome blog! I love your classroom! I also love those color cards but I couldn't find them on Fran's blog. Could you tell me which post they were on? Thanks!!

Erin Eberhart said...

Thanks ladies!

@Emily...I'll search and see which specific post I pulled them from. I'm almost 100% positive I got them from her! ha

Beadboard said...

I love this idea & want to do it this year. Do you have a letter to parents outlining these 2 weeks. (colors to wear, explanation of theme, etc.) I'm just so excited! Do you get comments regarding "pink" day from boys or parents of boys? Just wondering. Thanks for a fantastic "go to" site! smskdg@hotmail.com