Friday, August 12, 2011

Of all the things I've lost...I miss my mind the most!

So....guess who got 7 new students on Wednesday afternoon? ME! I'll be moving rooms this weekend, to a bigger classroom (with 2 walk-in closets), in order to accommodate all of my kinders. Say goodbye to this sweet {place} for me. I'll post pics of the weekend transformation asap. Prayers please!! I'm excited though!  :)  
~Miss E


Mrs. Shelton said...

Oh no! I cannot imagine having to move classrooms!:( I got 5 new kids in the last 3 weeks before school started. I will be praying for you!

Kindergarten Korner

Mrs. Brown said...

Bless your heart! If that happened at our school, we would just have to all get closer! Good Luck and I cannot wait to see your new pictures!

Griffin said...

Love your blog and your room. Where did you get your zebra print rug? Thanks. :)

Kristin said...

Are you kidding me? After all of that work you just did?? I'd be crying big time!!!!!! How many students do you have total???
Hang in there!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

SDNana said...

May I join you in this post? I had my first grade classroom all ready to go. Then this past Monday night they decided to split the kindergarten(as they are now up to 33). So I will be moving to a new room and the new kindergarten will move into my room. I am patiently waiting for the PreK teacher to finish moving her things and then I can move into her room. I can feel your pain and will pray for you and hoping I will get through this without loosing my mind! My new motto is "Keep Calm and Carry on!"

Chrissy said...

Oh, my.....{hugs}! I will be thinking of you!


Erin Eberhart said...

Thanks for all the comments...It is midnight and I'm literally just walking through the door. I have been at school ALL night. It is coming together though, and looking adorable. :)

Griffin - I got the rugs at Wally world believe it or not!
Kristin - I'm at 20 now and still registering. We were gonna have SMALL class sizes this year, or so we hoped. My original roster had 13 kinders! A DREAM!
SDNana - Good luck to you too!! Praying for your nerves...keep calm and carry on. Amen! ;-)

Miss C said...

Oh my lord! I can't even imagine! I am praying for you girl!

Deedee Wills said...

Ok... I am so behind on my blog stalking and I just saw this post! AHH! I was having a pity party because I did not feel I had enough time to get my classroom ready. I'm sure it is wonderful, but YIKES!
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Annie said...

I hope your move went well. I've been looking for pics and updates even though I know with 7 new little bodies and setting up a brand-new room, you probably have NO time to yourself. Keep us posted when you can.

Melissa said...

Oh I can't even imagine having to move everything after school started!! Bless your heart and I hope the new room is so awesome that it's worth it. And so sorry about the large class. I think our kinder classes are up to 21 and 22- way too many littles in one room I say!