Saturday, August 6, 2011

Do you know where I saw this?

Blogger friends - can you point me in the right direction? A few weeks ago, while blog stalking, I ran across a cutesy blog that had a free printable for a popcorn label/attachment. She had taken bags of popcorn and stapled "Thanks for poppin' in" on them and was giving them to students for Open House gifts. Because I've slept since then...I don't remember what blog that was on and I have all these bags of popcorn with no sweet labels. Due to pressing time and the bajillion things I have to do, I'd rather print hers and attach them than make my own! Do you remember where I found this?  Any help would be great. Thanks! ~Miss E


Mrs. A said...

Thanks to my friend google, I might have found what you're looking for. Check out and see if that is it. Also, I may have to snag this idea now as well for our back to school night! Thanks a bunch and good luck with your open house! :)

Smarter Than a Fourth Grader

Erin Eberhart said...

That's it, Mrs. A! You are my hero. I have googled till I can google no more. Super. Thanks!

Keys4Education said...

Fun In First posted them for FREE on her Teacher's Notebook. Here is a link:

Hope this helps! :O)


Stephanie said...

What a great, and affordable idea! I am going to have to thank you for blog-stalking this one!