Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School...a glimpse at week #1!

Hey friends! Sorry I've been MIA. I feel like I am forever apologizing for slacking in the blog department, it's just been insane lately. I just returned yesterday from Georgia, where I judged the Miss Atlanta pageant.! I wish much success to the new winner and know that she will represent ATL so well at the Miss Georgia pageant! Anyways, in the midst of all that....we've been in full throttle with back to school. Students listened to this story...I just love it!
We went on a hunt to try to find the Gingerbread Man...
Clues were everywhere...
Some clues even led us upstairs. We meet all of our school's faculty and staff!
The last clue led us back to our room for a surprise...coloring sheets and a gingerbread cookie!
We did other activities, too. Like cutting, character analysis, and sequencing! We learned a lot our first week in school!
Students even listened to a variety of Gingerbread Man books and learned how to make comparisons. Here is the venn diagram we did as a whole.
Lastly, we wrapped up everything by making a Gingerbread glyph! These turned out oh so cute and my kinders had a blast putting them together. 
Don't forget...all of these activities and more can be found in my Gingerbread Man Back to School Pack.


Deedee Wills said...

So cute Erin! Your photographs are wonderful! It sounds like you had a great time!!!

Ash said...

Love this pack! The smiles on the children's faces say it all! Those kiddos had a super fun first time at school!

Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

Jessica said...

That is all so cute and fun!!

Unknown said...

How fun! :) I want to be in your class!!!

Always A Lesson

Julie DiBenedetto said...

What a GREAT post! My most favorite unit (of all year) is the Gingerbread Man! LOVE IT! So many awesome ideas!
Thanks for sharing!

Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe