Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Instagram style!


Jeanne said...

Oh YEAH I see the name Graham!!! :)

Ash said...

Love the class family bulletin board!

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Miss C said...

Yay!!! :) That's my sign!!! Would love a shout out on the blog...Would love to create some for more of the bloggers out there! :) :)

Unknown said...

You know I love the rainbows!!! I'll be doing this with my class! I'm thinking it will be a good wedding week activity!


Cindy Calenti said...

I LOVE those rainbow hands. I also love the idea of Wordless Wednesday. After all- a picture is worth a thousand words.... (:

I just "discovered" your blog... and to think I'm only 1,223 people late! Well, at least I can say I'm your newest follower.

Hope you have a chance to stop by my new blog:

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Staci said...

I'd love to know if/how you use the rainbow names in your classroom- it's such a cute display (plus looks so simple and easy to do, right up my alley!!).

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michkenney said...

I love the rainbow names! Would you mind sharing how you made them?

Thanks :)

Stephanie said...

Envision Math! Did you adopt before or after CCSS? WE adopted before and I'm desperately trying to make sure I follow the curriculum and meet all of the CCSS as well. Any suggestions??

Erin Eberhart said...

Cindy - Thanks so much! I am heading to your blog "Granny Goes to School" now! Such a cute name :)

Staci - They will be transferred to my word wall and students will use them as a writing reference!

Michkenny - The tutorial was found in DeAnna Jump's "Fun with Names" unit off TpT! Pretty easy to make though. Write names (large) in sharpie and have students tear paper and glue.

Stephanie - We adopted BEFORE, too! I supplement a LOT of stuff though. Students visit Math Work Stations every day as well and that helps!