Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Best workshop ever and a million anchor charts!

Happy Wednesday! I just finished up a 3 day inservice called "Growing Healthy!" It's put on by the Mountain States Foundation which is a foundation in our area that works to raise support for the growing health care needs. The MSF sponsors this inservice every year and works to educate teachers on health and how to implement nutrition/healthy living/science in the classroom. There are multiple reasons why I love this workshop...are you ready?

1. You get paid $50 per day to attend. That's right people...check made out in YOUR name for $150 when you leave the 3 day session. Spend it how you wish. 
2. They speak for a few hours and then turn you loose for the rest of the time to MAKE the products you are going to be teaching with. WHAT?! Is this not every teachers dream? It's a stinking make and take workshop. YES!!
3. They bring in a laminator and have someone who laminates ALL the stuff you make plus cuts it out. 
4. If you finish making your health materials, you can make anything else you'd like. Whoo hoo!

Seriously people! Do I have you convinced? This is the best workshop EVER!!!
The coordinator for this program started out by having everyone introduce themselves and then decorate a paper bag. These were placed in the back of the library and she encouraged everyone to write notes, positive words, etc on paper and stick them in the bags. By the end of the conference...we had so many sweet little comments. A few teachers even placed candy in the bags. I thought this would be a great "back to school" activity for older grades. As students get to know each other the first week, they can write fun notes to each other or words of encouragement for the upcoming year. Students can take their bags home on Friday and read what their peers wrote about them. 
Here is a picture of everyone working away. 
This is the plethora of supplies we had to work with. Glue, markers, book rings, construction paper, every colored poster board you can imagine - oh my! 
This is some of the sample items they encouraged us to make and implement. The Little Red Hen, There was an Old Lady who swallowed...., and the "feeling" clowns. She had all the patterns ready for us to trace and make. 
After I finished making my health curriculum, I worked on other projects. I had pinned a ton of anchor charts and decided to get busy. *Please note that none of the ideas are original. All of the charts were found online and reproduced.*
I plan on using this for a multitude of things. Main idea, predictions, new learning, etc!!
Cannot wait to refer to these during math!
Can you tell I worked my fingers to the bone? I hadn't colored that long in - well....I guess since I was in kindergarten. ha ha 
They also laminated a few things I had printed at home. This is the new clip chart system I'm going to use this year.
And I finished this!
Made all these, too! Just hadn't had a chance to run them by my classroom. From left to right: prediction chart, chart to accompany my calendar journals (see post {here}), "My Star Work" rubric, and last -  a circle map. 

There are a few more but I thought I was getting a little overboard. ha Have you attended any cool workshops this summer or made anything fun? Please share!


Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

Wow! Looks like a great workshop. You accomplished a lot.

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

Wow! You have been busy! Love, love, love all your anchor charts!
Stories From Second

Unknown said...

Oh. my. goodness! I am SO jealous of you right now!! This is my very FAVORITE type of workshop - makes and take!! Your anchor charts look amazing and seriously... so jealous!
Rowdy in Room 300

Jessica Ann Stanford said...

Ok so these are mine... When are you going to make yours?! hehe!

Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog
PS If you haven't already joined my giveaway I would love to have you join!

megandw said...

That looks and sounds like so much fun! I wanna go! All of those colors of paper are beautiful...only a teacher could appreciate that picture! Your work looks awesome! What fun way to start off your summer!

Heather Shelton said...

I wanted to do that workshop this year, but I was presenting for the kindergarten math one, so I couldn't. :'( maybe next year.

Mrs. Anderson said...

I am speechless!!!! Wow!!! LUCKY!!
I wish I was there!! You really accomplished a lot!!!

Cupcake said...

Oh my gosh, sign me up!! Sounds like an awesome workshop!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Wolfelicious said...

Wow, what an awesome workshop!! I love going to workshops that I get to take things home from and use.


Tangelia C. said...

How do I get signed up for this professional development? Sounds like you had a blast and got a lot accomplished!!

Rhonda said...

Erin, this is awesome!! Is this inservice available for all area teachers or was it just for your school? I teach in Bristol and my teaching partners and I would LOVE the opportunity to attend this next year. Thanks for sharing all you super ideas!! I am a follower and a fan! Rhonda

Kristin said...

You have really inspired me!!!!!!