Monday, June 25, 2012

OCD in full swing: puzzles

Hey ya'll! I'm marking things off my {list} slowly...and it's such a wonderful feeling! There are some things I've been wanting to do for a while now but time hasn't allowed - organizing my puzzles was one. My boxes were so ratted and torn, I couldn't stand it anymore. 
Last year, I put all of the puzzle pieces in a ziploc and placed the box lid in the bag too, BUT...even after they went through my kinders' hands a dozen times, I found myself having to replace the baggies more often than I would have liked. Blah! So...this is what I came up with this year!
A teacher gave me these at the end of the year. They're from her math series I think? Thick, plastic envelopes that hold math manipulatives. I decided they'd be perfect for storing all of my little 24 pc. puzzles! Certainly worth recycling!

I sat down one evening (when I couldn't sleep) and began building my puzzles. Yes, you're reading this right...I built every puzzle I had. ha! Half of the pieces had been mixed together, some were missing, and some were too ratty to use. So, I purged and threw away several puzzles. This made me muy sad! But, I found out which puzzles I had all of the pieces of and took pictures of the finished products. *Side note: in all reality, this was very relaxing...much like coloring. I hadn't put together puzzles in a while and enjoyed doing this to be honest, it was fun! ha ha ha 
I printed off the picture, laminated it for durability, and placed it PLUS the puzzle pieces in the plastic envelope. 
Now my kinders can grab an envelope, build the puzzle, and refer to the picture if they need! Viola!
Don't they look MUCH nicer now? I think these will go along great with Rochelle's "fast finisher" post. What are you doing to organize? Do you have a better way to keep your puzzles neat? Please share! Also, don't forget that voting began today for the 2012 Most Fascinating Kinder blog. Click below to vote for me, please! Thank you!

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Amy said...

Great idea for puzzle organization! Totally OCD, but that's what makes us great teachers. :)

Krazy About Kiddos

Tara said...

What a brilliant idea:) I would love it if you would link that up to my Monday Made It linky:) I know lots would be inspired by this:))

4th Grade Frolics

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Awesome! I love those pockets! The puzzles look so organized.

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Lisa R. said...

What a wonderful idea & space saver!! I need to do something like that with my puzzles. My boxes are ripping & pieces are starting to disappear. Thanks for sharing this idea!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Heidi said...

This is such a great idea. I like the idea of taking a picture of the put together puzzle. It is so much better than the tattered box top. Thanks for sharing :)

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Tara said...

Thanks Erin:0) Hope you can come back next week:) I do this every week:))

4th Grade Frolics

Ann said...

Nice! What a great feeling it must have been to get that done! I just found you and followed you! (:
The Caffeinated Classroom

Katie said...

What a great idea!!! It definitely makes things look more neat and organized :)

Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

Mrs. Anderson said...

I store my puzzles in baggies as well. I'll have to be on the look out for some stronger bags like the ones you were given. I don't know if you do this or not, but I turn all the pieces over for each puzzle and write a number on the back of each piece. For example, puzzle 1 pieces would all have a number one on each piece. If I find a piece on the floor, I know exactly what bag to put it into. Each puzzle has its own number.

Unknown said...

Great idea! So neat and organized!

The Learning Tree

Erin Eberhart said...

Connie - you are brilliant! How smart...I'll so have to do that. Thanks for sharing! :)

Kristina said...

oh my goodness!!! Thank you SO much for this idea Erin! and Connie I love the number idea. My boxes are completely falling apart. Now if I can just figure out where to find those strong plastic bags!

Kindertrips said...

ooh, this is such a neat idea. Your puzzles look so much better!

Heather's Heart said...

I love the idea of the picture. I have done the numbers too! It helps. =)

Heather's Heart

Unknown said...

That is the smartest idea EVER! I am totally stealing this one ;)!
Jen's Kinder Kids

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Great storage idea for puzzles, Erin! Love those big envelopes! :D

Amanda said...

Wow, talk about organized! Taking a picture is a super smart idea though. I like that they have a visual to refer to! I am doing a puzzle right now (750pcs) and I don't have a picture to go off. Makes it much harder and sometimes frustrating! :)

Reaching for the TOP!

Lorena said...

I love how organized you are, I'm jealous. :)

Little Treasures

Unknown said...

Great puzzle organization idea! My puzzle boxes are on their last leg!

Just Wild About Teaching said...

such a good idea to do that with the your newest follower...drop by =)

Just Wild About Teaching

Rachelle said...

LOVE those plastic folders!!!!!!!!!!!

Love this post!