Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What has happened? HELP!

Good morning bloggers! I logged on this morning, excited to see all the responses to my giveaway, and was greeted with mayhem and foolishness! What on earth is going on with my font!? It has gone all cooky/old grandma on me and it's driving me nuts. I have NO idea what happened or how this changed over night because it was NOT like this when I went to bed. I've read every tutorial on how to change it and my HTML code does not seem to match up with theirs so I'm hesitant in making the change - for fear I'll mess it up even more. Some of this "coding" stuff is like a foreign language to me. I'm gonna tell ya'll what I often ask of Jesus, "Lord....put it in blonde terms for me!" Can you help me?! I will seriously pay someone to change this for me. ha ha ha

Is it showing up like that for ya'll too - or is it just me?

On a lighter, much more happier note, don't forget to enter my "One {MEGA} giveaway for 1,000 followers!

Happy Tuesday. 


Laura said...

Your font looks fine to me (on Chrome). I am not sure what the name of your font is but it is not Times or anything. Relax. Maybe it is just your computer.

Denise Skelton said...

I see no grandmas here :) Is it a scripty looking font instead of the cutesy one? Sometimes on my blog it loads the script first then switches to cute. Yours did that when I first loaded the page.

Unknown said...

It looks fine to me.... maybe check your settings under view at the top of your computer desktop. Hope that helps! =)
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Holly said...

It looks fine to me too - this happened to Kristen over at Teeny Tiny Teacher too - you may want to contact her to see if she did anything or just went with it. Honestly, looks good on my end! :)

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Katy said...

Looks scripty to me (I use safari)... but it always looks this way when I first load your page. Then, after it fully loads, it switches to the cute font. This time though, it's not switching. If you figure it out, please share! I'm sure it's some form of safari glitch. lol.

Katie said...

Are you using your phone? Blogs always have a crazy scripty font I can't read on my iPhone, but they look normal on Chrome on my computer. I wonder if it's an apple thing.....

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Ziggyfriends said...

Ok Erin, I've been on your blog recently and it looks different to me too! Very tiny and plain, like a Century Gothic.


Unknown said...

Hi, I noticed that mine was completely different too. I contacted Alicia from Dream Like Magic to see if she could help since she created my template. She was gracious enough to research and replied as follows:
Hi it appears to be an issue with blogspot, http://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/blogger/pFCjFour8_Y they should hopefully have it fixed soon. They are usually on top on problems like this.
There were posts on the forum on the 15th. As I was reading some blogs I noticed that many are not the same. Let me know if you find any resolution.

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Kindertrips said...

I like the font I am seeing- it is thin like handwriting. You are so lucky to have so many options! Your giveaway is so amazing!

Pocketful of Littles said...

My font changed on my blog also! I had the font crafty girls and somehow it decided to change on its own to a times new roman looking font. I had to manually go in and change the font back using the old blogger interface

YearntoLearn said...

My font has been messed up since June 15th. I posted about it then, but do not have a fix yet.


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Heather's Heart said...

It looks the same on my end but I know others have had weird things happening with their fonts. I know that is frustrating! =(

I hope it is back to normal soon for you. =)

Heather's Heart

ike said...

Hmmmm - looks OK to me :-)

Amanda Madden said...

Just found your blog and am your newest follower!

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Eileen Griffin said...

It's back to normal now! Yahoo!