Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesdays....a day late!

So...this week has been my first week I've not had inservice, babysitting, or something tying me up at school. I've actually felt like I was on summer break and tried rather hard to enjoy it! :) I wanted to share with you my life lately...according to my phone. Thank you instagram. Here is what I'm loving on this beautiful Wednesday!
1. The gorgeous weather. This is what I stared at all day, while lounging at the pool. 
2. Summer hair, lip stain, and tons of jewels. 
3. My sweet smelling Tyler candle
4. Finally finished cleaning/sanitizing all of my toys from school.  Put them in fresh, new rubbermaid (picked up at the Dollar Tree) and they're ready to be labeled. I ran all this stuff through my dishwasher. Read more about that post {here}
5. June's Birch Box arrived today and nothing makes me happier than to open up my mailbox and be greeted by this little fella. This month's theme was "jet set" and my box was packed full of goodies for on the go summer travel. Everything in it was amazing. If you're not familiar with this subscription - you need to be! Find more out about this at {}
6. I picked up this baby at a garage sale this weekend for a whopping $2.50. Added a coat of black paint and mod podged the front of the drawers with some wrapping paper and viola! A brand new set of drawers! It's still a work in progress...have to add the last handle and touch up a few places...but not to bad for a summer DIY!

I promise I'll be back later in the week with more school related stuff. ha Until then, I plan on spending more time at the pool and maybe contemplating my next post over a pedicure. What are YOU loving on this Wednesday Thursday?


Unknown said...

Love all your pics! You look super cute! I'm headed for a pedicure today too!
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Kindertrips said...

That drawer set looks amazing! Wow- what a great find!

2 Crazy Texas Teachers said...

love the drawers!! now I am on the lookout for me some! so cute!

Lisa R. said...

I'm going to have to check out BirchBox. I keep reading about it & it sounds really neat! :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Mrs. Anderson said...

Looks like your summer is off to a good start. Your yardsale find is awesome!! Great idea to run things through your dishwasher to sanitize them.

Wolfelicious said...

Great job on the drawers. I keep hearing people talk about the BirchBox. I am going to have to check them out.


Unknown said...

Love the drawers! I was going to do that to my filing cabinet, I'm just a little scared that I will mess it up...eek!

Your newest follower!
Jen's Kinder Kids

Unknown said...

I love garage sale finds!! :)

The Learning Tree

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